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Kim Jun Tae

Kim Jun Tae

Education & Experience

  • Ajou University, Major in Law (early graduation)
  • Ajou Law School
  • [Former] Staff at STX Corporate Legal Department
  • Practical training at Beijing Yinke Law Firm
  • Practical training at the National Police Agency
  • Passedthe 7th bar examination
  • Legal representative of Korea Baseball Organization
  • Attorney at JP Law Firm

Specialized Practice Area & Clients

  • Performed EPC Plant Project / Risk Management in Korea and abroad
    -Iraqi Diesel Power Plant PJT, Saudi SSC PJT
  • Provided legal services related to corporate law, including M&A
    -Merger of STX metal, acquisition of Cheil Industries, etc.
    -Provided legal services for listed companies, including the issuance of self-reliant agreements and convertible bond
  • Performed legal task related to fair trade affairs (Subcontract, Collusion, etc.)
    -Collusion case about next-landing craft,, restrictions on the participation in bidding, and inspection on actual conditions of subcontracting
  • Advised Financial institutions inclduing MG Insurance and Lotte Insurance
  • Advised local governments including Seoul City


  • Export transactions and insurance through project finance, Small and Medium Business Administration Law Volume 6, Issue 2
  • Buyer's obligation to inspect and notify the goods (Comparison between CISG and domestic law), Small and Medium Enterprises and Laws Volume 7 Issue 1