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Cho Young Kwan

Cho Young Kwan

Education & Experience

  • Seoul National University Major in Astronomy
  • Kyunghee University Law School
  • Passed the 5th Bar Examination
  • [Former] Dispatcher at Operations Control Center of Korean Air
  • [Former] Associate attorney at Lee & Kim Law Firm
  • Completed the 20th Taxation Training Institute of Seoul Bar Association
  • A representative member of the Korean Bar Association
  • A member of youth lawyers's special committee of the Korean Bar Association
  • Associate attorney at JP Law Firm

Specialized Practice Area & Clients

  • Represented in a lawsuit for an increase in land compensation
  • Advised Local Governments Including Seoul, Incheon and Hwaseong and represented them in a lawsuit.
  • Advised Turkish Airlines and represented it in a lawsuit
  • Advised JT CORP