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Park Yon Chyull

Park Yon Chyull

Education & Experience

  • Seoul National University, Major in Law
  • Completed Chosun University Graduate School
  • [Former] Worked at Headquarter of Planning, Yul San Industry
  • [Former] Worked at Chosun University and Korea Cement, Co., Ltd.
  • Passed the 25th bar examination
  • Completion of 15th Judicial Research and Training Institute
  • [Former] Director of Public Relations at Korean Bar Association
  • [Former] Managing Partner of Gangdong Law Office
  • [Former] Vice President at Minbyun-Lawyers for a Democratic Society
  • [Former] Non-executive Director at Shinwon Corp.
  • [Former] Member of Committee on Prosecution Reform, Member of National Election Broadcast Deliberation Commission
  • [Former] Managing Partner of Jeongpyeong Law Firm
  • [Former] Chairman of Human Rights Commission at Korean Bar Association
  • [Former] Member of Presidential Commission against Corruption
  • [Former] Member of Policy Advisory Committee for The Blue House
  • [Former] Director at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
  • [Former] Member of Presidential Committee for Inspection of Antinational collaborations for Japanese
  • Non-executive Director at Grand Korea Leisure Co., Ltd.
  • [Former] Member of Foreigner Policy Committee
  • [Former] Director at Osan University
  • [Former] Representative attorney at Jeongpyeong Law Firm (LLC)
  • [Former] A consultant attorney at JP Law Firm (LLC)
  • Chairman of the Labor Human Rights Center
  • Director of Kwon Jeong-saeng Children's Cultural Foundation
  • Director of the Legal Public Interest Foundation, Love Sam
  • Advisor of JP Law Firm / Attorney at Law